Home is. . .

Home is where the heart is.

Home is also protection, shelter, and comfort. All creatures need shelter, and each living thing has its own way of procuring shelter. We talked about all the possible “homes” that we could spot while on our hike. Deer can hide in the thicket, ants build intricate tunnels through the ground and in dead trees, and bugs can make their homes in nearly any crevice available. Birds make their homes in tree tops out of twigs, leaves, moss, and mud.

For our class crafts and projects, we colored a few different pictures of habitats and nests. I like to let the kids practice their coloring skills, and work on staying in the lines.

The FUNNEST craft we made was our own nest: we covered coffee filters with glue (glue sticks, not Elmer’s glue, which would be way too wet for this project) then put them dry-side into a small bowl, to help them hold shape. Next, we covered the sticky side with cotton, various colors of pom-poms, dyed feathers and


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